Cooperation partner of South African Mining & Trading Co.
We are a proud distributor of South African minerals and commodities in Turkey.
Thanks to our direct agreements with local chrome, iron, manganese, and coal mines and silica sand quarries, we are able to provide a direct connection between the mines and end users, enabling both to experience a safer and easier supply process, as well as a direct payment advantage.
We currently provide distribution services for the following mines:
1. Chrome Ore Mine North West in South Africa.
Reserves: 40 million tons. Monthly output: 25.000mt of lumps (40%) 15.000mt of concentrate (44%).
2. Iron and Manganese Ore Mine Kuruman Northern Cape South Africa [17 000ha]. Reserves: iron 90 million tons (Monthly output: 25.000mt fines (65%); 150.000mt lumps); Manganese 35 million tons. (685.000mt stockpile – 20.000mt)
3. Steam Coal Ermelo and Kromdraai in Ogies Mpumalanga,South Africa.
Reserves: 55 million tons (A and C grades 150 000mt /month)
4. Silica Sand Ogies Mpumalanga.
Reserves: 945 million tons
5. Coking Coal Metgrade

* Figures may not be up to date, please contact us for the most recent data.